A Halloween post for you, SPIDER…

SPIDER – she spins her web
To catch her food
Create a home
To Survive

SPIDER – Her Web
Altered, Damaged, Destroyed
By Circumstances
The Wind
Human Intervention

SPIDER – Rebuilds her web
Recreates her home
Catches food

Again and Again
She weaves Her Web of Life
For Only She Knows
What it takes
To Survive
To Live to Grow

© Robin M. Gilliam
Chapter Ten – Gift of Desperation


Rejection Is God’s Protection

Today, when a door shuts or does not open, for example, a relationship does not continue or I am not selected for a job or other opportunity,


I do not try to force it open.

While rejection does hurt in that moment, I know that God is protecting me from something in the long run that does not support my positive, holistic lifestyle.

Robin M. Gilliam
Author of the novel, Gift of Desperation

Calling all book club members-request help with proposed book review questions for the novel – Gift of Desperation

Hi! And, thanks for stopping by. I worked up some proposed book review questions that I hope you can help me with.  Please comment  or send me a message with any additions, deletions or edits. Once the questions are finalized, I will add them to this website and the Gift of Desperation FB page.

Proposed Discussion Questions:

  1.  Did the book affect you personally?
  2. Could you relate to Claire’s issues and emphasize with her. Why or why not?
  3. Do you have a better or new understanding of the disease of addiction and how cunning, baffling, and powerful it is?
  4.  How did Claire change during the course of the novel? Was it believable? Why or why not?
  5.  What was Claire’s gift of desperation – at what point did Claire realize that her life was totally unmanageable?
  6. How desperate would you have to feel to make a positive change and receive the gift of desperation?
  7. Do you have a better or new understanding of the power of art and healing?
  8.  Do you see yourself exploring creative expression such as writing, quilting, artwork, song writing, dance, singing, etc. to work through your own personal issues?

Thanks! Robin

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Welcome home! Robin M. Gilliam’s Life is a Journey – Hoffman 2013 Challenge Quilt.

I just received my Hoffman 2013 challenge quilt back. I loved making this symbolic art quilt, entitled: Life is a Journey.


For the background, I used 2 inch squares from the complimentary fabric to create a watercolor pattern to represent the lights and darks that we go through in life.

Then I fussy cut over a yard of the challenge fabric to make the path and other symbols.

The path represents the choices we make in life. Sometimes we get stuck going around and around hoping that things will change, but  realizing that we are repeating the same patterns over and over again expecting different results. Then, once we let go and move off the cycle, we might have to make a change, and depending on which path we choose, will determine what experience we have.

  • I added a sun in the top left hand corner to represent hope.
  • There are mountains off to the mid-right and a swirling lake on the bottom right to remind us that there will be challenges we might have to face and climb over or push through.
  • The tree that takes up the left side is to symbolize growth.

Then I echo quilted to tie everything together.

Thank you to the Hoffman Challenge for the incredible experience.  And to the curators – Julie Breidt who received my quilt in July 2013 and Melissa Ratzlaff who returned it October 2014 – for taking such good care of our quilts. My quilt especially thanks you for the wonderful shows where it was displayed!

Robin M. Gilliam, author of the novel, Gift of Desperation. www.robingilliamsart.com    Email:  robins.art@verizon.net





Awareness, Acceptance, and Action are key tools to healthy relationships

How do we push a relationship that has stalled back on track to a mutually enjoyable partnership? Awareness, Acceptance, Action!

The other day my husband and I got into a heated argument. Fingers were pointed, voices were raised, and feelings were hurt. There were only two things to do: fix it or fuel it.

 AWARENESS: All of a sudden I had an aaahaaaa moment—driven by my own fear, doubts, and insecurities, I found myself avoiding the relationship all together.


I accepted that my behavior of avoidance was hurting the relationship.

I accepted that my behavior 092898-R1-31-5Awas creating a wedge in our relationship.

I am learning to accept the other person’s boundaries.

Accepting that making changes takes time and is uncomfortable, like breaking in a new pair of stiff shoes or Levi blue jeans that have never been washed.


I want a healthy relationship which depends on mutual respect, good communication, and compromise.


I put my big girl panties on, admitted to the other person what I need to change, and I started to walk bravely into the middle of the relationship in order to not fall off the edge.