A Face Lift for My Studio

In 2008, instead of having a nervous breakdown during a very difficult financial time, I changed my art studio over to a sewing/writing studio. I was done making abstract collages and wanted to start quilting and writing my first novel, Gift of Desperation.

For my first novel, I used my abstract collages as a foundation to weave a story of hope and inspiration. Today I am combining abstract collages and quilting to create art quilts for the second book in the Claire Sebastian series.

In November, 2014, I was getting all turned around trying to manage starting the second book, designing the art quilts, and marketing Gift of Desperation [book signings, social media, blogs, etc.,] and realized that I work best with a plan. So I bought a white board, cork board, and wall calendar to help me get my thoughts out of my head and organized. I also bought a drill and bit kit, which made this woman feel very powerful, and over the Thanksgiving holiday gave my wall a face lift. Check  out my before, during and after pictures;



Robin’s handy drill work!




With God’s grace, a few hours set aside, and a lot of patience, I did this project all by myself without any incidents or accidents! For that I am very grateful.

Wishing you a creative and productive day…Keep me posted on your successes.

Enjoy my radio interview on #Gift of Desperation & #art & healing


“Let’s Coach with Mark & Carolyn” November 12, 2014 Noon EST

Creating Healing

Life happens and happens hard. Robin M. Gilliam uses creative expression to deal with tragic events, and not only heal and recover but find hope and strength to help others.  Join Mark and Carolyn as they talk with Robin about how she uses art and writing to heal herself and others.

Robin is an Annapolis, Maryland, indie artist and author. She created abstract collages to deal with her rape. Her artwork changed her from a victim to a survivor and helped make her passion for art and healing come true. She now shares her art and story to heal others.  Inspired to do more, she also wrote and published a novel, Gift of Desperation. The novel tells the story a young woman professional, who is a party girl by night, whose journey of self-discovery is aided by a female wounded warrior with her own story of trauma, tragedy, and triumph. Robin has used her artwork to build her novel.

Join Robin, Carolyn, and Markas we show how creative expression fuels healing.

Meet Claire Sebastian the heroine in #GiftOfDesperation

IMG_0132Like you and me, Claire Sebastian has secrets. But her secrets may kill her. By day she is a junior curator at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, where she is professional with a bright smile and everything-is-okay attitude. By night she runs to the booze and hot, insatiable men. But she doesn’t know what she is running from. As long as Claire is running, the pain of her secrets can’t get her—or so she thinks—until she is assigned to curate a show entitled, Art and Healing, where self-discovery leads to hope, healing and recovery.

To join Claire in her journey from desperation to hope:
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