First Things First Completely


Are you overwhelmed with all there is to do? So am I!  There is so much I want to do like develop a business model for Robin Gilliam’s Art – Web of Life Art Studio, write the sequel to my first novel, Gift of Desperation, and develop art and healing exercises and workshops.

THEN there are things I have to do, like the T-shirt quilt I promised to make my nephew for his Bar Mitzvah, the bookkeeping for my budding company and family taxes. OH, and did I mention that I have a full time job with important deliverables that needs my attention and substantial energy!

One day I was whining to a friend about my lack of time and my many must does and want to accomplish ambitions, and she gently said, first things first completely. To me first things first means what do I need to address first? Completely, now that was a new twist, because I can start things and then bounce all over the house distracted by other things that catch my attention and seem more exciting.

So with that I looked at WHEN things needed to be done. The quilt needed to be done by Valentine’s Day, taxes are due in April, and I set June as a goal for my business model.  Since February comes before April, I decided that completing the T-shirt quilt should come  first.


When I focused on completing the quilt first, I found the noise in my head quieted down, I was then able to relax into making the quilt, and the anxiety with being overwhelmed was removed. I completed the quilt this weekend!

What is your first things first completely today?

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Thanks and have a blessed, creative, & positive day, Robin



mickey mouse wizard

Last Friday I was blessed with enough time to join a wonderful group of women in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Annual Share Your Dream Meeting, facilitated by Ginny Robertson, owner of On Purpose Networking for Women.

We learned that making dreams come true is more about the feelings we want to achieve than the to-do list of goals.

Feelings, did she say feelings? I have been running from feelings all my life. The only feeling I can associate with is anger and I didn’t think that was very appropriate for this exercise.

But before I could run, she handed out a worksheet. The first question was simple enough, write down your dream for 2015 in one sentence. So I wrote that I want to develop my business model for my art and healing business and learn to tell my story with confidence.

Then we were to write about what it would be like if we achieved this dream. I wrote that I would be clear about what goals to take and where to focus my energy. I would have courage to tell my story in order to help others through the expressive and healing power of art—there, that wasn’t too bad.

Then  Ginny instructed us to look for the adjectives that describe these feelings. What the hell is an adjective? Ok, so I am a technical writer by trade and have just published a novel, but that doesn’t mean I know what each word in my sentences are called. So while she was busy facilitating, I looked up “adjective” on my iPhone.

Ohhh, those are the fun words that I use to describe things in my novel, Gift of Desperation, like Claire’s “cold coffee” or “sore couchy-coochy” or “making slow and soft love.”

NOW I get it! I looked over what I wrote and found my adjectives: confidence, expressive, and courageous. Yea me!

Each woman had an opportunity to share her dream out loud. We were told to use words such as “I,” “me,” and “my”  in order to own our dream.

I was able to tell the group that by achieving my dream of developing my art and healing business model that I would achieve courage, and the ability to express myself with confidence.

This was not as easy as waving a magic wand, but I was glad to find my magic in walking through this process.