I just learned that the About Page is not supposed to be about me, it’s supposed to be about you, your needs, and how I can help you meet them. I didn’t know that when I set up my About Robin page and just dropped in the About The Author information from my novel, Gift of Desperation, and called it a day.

I now realize that I am not just marketing a book, I am marketing a message about art and healing – hope and inspiration.


It is kinda funny, but what I learned is that in order to help you, I need to share my story…and so I did!


Please check out my new and improved About Robin page.

Red Roses, Red Hearts & Red Hot Kisses

Lips_2 2.14.15

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Claire Sebastian, the hero in my novel, Gift of Desperation, is looking forward to some red hot kisses. While Claire knows that flowers, chocolates, and red hot kisses are nice, she is still not quite sure what a real relationship looks or acts like.

Even 25 years of marriage does not make me an expert. But what I have learned is that a relationship takes a lot of cooperation, good communication – in and out of the bedroom – compromise, NOT catastrophizing fights or disagreements, and recognizing that there are two individuals trying to share their lives as partners in a very busy, complex  world.  I have also learned that kindness and a soft voice works much better than screaming and yelling.

So let’s enjoy the red roses, red hearts and red hot kisses on Valentine’s day while we honor and respect our partners throughout the rest of the year.


Picture from a dress at Lane Bryant



A big thank you to Cottonseed Glory for hosting a book signing for my first novel, Gift of Desperation, during their annual super bowl weekend sale. I am grateful to all who stopped by to buy a book or get a book previously purchased from Amazon signed. I talked with some very creative quilters who either enjoyed my first novel or were looking forward to reading its message of hope and inspiration.

A common question I get is – is it autobiographical? The answer is no, but… But the collection of artwork that Claire curates is mine and each of my abstract collages inspired the diary entries in the novel. To get a free copy of the artwork that inspired the cover of Gift of Desperation, sign up for my blog on the Novel or About page.

On the other hand, Claire’s story was inspired by true stories that I have heard over the years. I wrote this novel to explore how someone deals with and recovers from that type of trauma.