While most gifts are given to us by someone else, the gift of desperation is a present we give to ourselves. It is a gift of awareness that doing the same thing over and over again is self-destructive and not working anymore.  It is a gift of acceptance that  there is hope and we are worth it. And, it is a gift of courage to take that action – that next right step-  toward self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-preservation.


I wrote my first novel, Gift of Desperation, to explore how my main character, Claire Sebastian, spins into a deep hole of desperation and what it takes for her to realize that enough is enough. Claire is a symbol of hope, a hero of inspiration, and a role model that shows us that making a positive change is possible.

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Have you ever heard of the book The Artists Way by Julia Cameron? It is a 12 week workbook on how to find and get your creative juices going. My favorite tool is the Artist Date. Per Julia, “The Artist Date is a once weekly, solo expedition to explore something that interests you…they feed our creative well of images and inspiration.”

Well, I no longer use them exactly as intended – solo and weekly – but I can feel when the well is running dry and I need to let my artist out to play. One of my favorite Artist Dates is antiquing. There is something all absorbing about looking at stuff people have collected, remembering when telephones had dials, and discovering odd finds. So off my husband, Dirk, and I went to the antique capital in PA and to work our way down the many shops with hundreds of vendors.


Sometimes I have a plan and sometimes not. This time, I was looking for vintage quilt blocks, some Fire King and Pyrex bowls to replace the one’s I broke (oops), and I also wanted a wood corner cabinet to complete my studio facelift.

The wood corner cabinet was easy. I had rescued one off the street a few years ago and Dirk was using it in the garage to hold motorcycle parts and such. He nicely cleaned it off and brought it upstairs to its new home. Perfect fit!

Now on to antiquing – I am excited to report that I found a number of bowls, and 20 antique quilt blocks that I am going to use to create vintage quilt ornaments with inspirational sayings to sell at my book signings and on Etsy.

In addition to my love for antiquing, I also have a passion for art and healing and that is what I am developing my business around. Now you might say – how do vintage quilt ornaments support that mission? My hope is that you will be inspired by them to create a quilt or something else. I know that for me, while I am quilting, I am focused on the creative process which gives me some much needed peace and quiet despite the worldly stresses swarming around me.

Is there anything that you love to do? I would love to hear about your latest artist date and how it got your creativity flowing. Send in a comment to share with the group about your latest creative adventure.


Robin Here  Comes Spring

The snow has finally melted, the crickets are chirping their spring song, and Robins (my favorite birds LOL) are building their nests.

As the temperature dips into the night and lifts higher each day, my heart soars with new inspirational ideas and projects to create for you.

One thing about being a creative person is managing all of the ideas that blossom quickly, like spring flowers held down by the snow.  So I add them to my Note App – Projects To Do – and keep moving forward to finish the current ones. Like my Studio Face Life which I started in November (see my 11/30/14 blog).

I removed the 5 foot metal long-arm quilting frame I no longer use – bolt by bolt, carefully bagging and dragging all the metal pieces – Thank you God for protecting my hands from cuts -outside for the recycle truck.  Yea! they took it all. This opened up a very nice 4′ x 6′ space!

I then laid a rubber tiled floor from Sam’s Club, so I can paint without worrying about messing up the carpet.  I bought a small art table and easel from Michaels. So excited – great deal!!! They were 40% off and an extra 20% that day for my full purchase – yea ha – art on a budget, I got both for the price of one.  I am looking forward to putting my art table together with its own little stool.

Once my studio is set up, I can bring my ideas to life. As I write the second novel to Gift of Desperation, I will create a quilt pattern and artwork to weave through Claire’s continuing story. The artwork will be art quilts, a combination of traditional quilting and my abstract collage style. God grant me the patience and the time to bring these ideas to life…

Note: My abstract collages flow through Gift of Desperation as the collection Claire must curate.  To get a free copy of my collage that inspired the cover, please sign up for my inspirational blogs by sending in a comment or an email to

May the sun warm your heart and the flowers add color to your life as we journey together into the renewal and reinvention of spring.

© Robin M. Gilliam



For me “there” is being fully engaged in art and healing activities by: finishing my Claire Sebastian trilogy, facilitating art and healing workshops, inspiring you through motivational speaking, and developing creative expression tools to help you move through and out of trauma.

Looking at this whole picture is overwhelming. But if I look at what step I can take and achieve today, “there” seems to be  more manageable. Therefore, today I am going to post this blog and do a little writing on the sequel to my first novel, Gift of Desperation.

Where is your “there” and how can you break it down to take a small step today?