Humility versus Humiliation

While humility and humiliation sound a lot alike, they are not synonyms. Humiliation is when someone does something mean TO you, on purpose to take you down, embarrass you, and/or make you hurt. It is usually a way for the offender to make him/herself feel better.


“Serenity”© by Robin Gilliam

On April 14, 2014, Joel Osteen wrote on his FB page: ‘When you humble yourself and say “God I can’t do this on my own. I need your help. I need your favor. I need your mercy.” He’ll help you accomplish what you could not accomplish on your own.’

What Joel is talking about is humility and that it is okay to recognize our limitations and ask for help by using the power of prayer.

30 years ago I suffered a terrible trauma that was humiliating and caused me shame and guilt that led to self-destruction. Over the years, I learned to accept that it wasn’t my fault and ask God to help me. I was given courage to use my artwork to create my way out of PTSD.

Today, I ask for God’s help for the courage to tell you my whole story through presentations and workshops to teach you how to use creative expression tools to help you step out of the trauma and into your true self.

To read more about my story, please see my About Robin page and let me know what you do creatively to deal with past trauma and humiliation that are not your fault.


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