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There is a danger in not expressing your feelings.
There is an even greater danger in not knowing what your feelings are.

Goucher College 1984-86 Catalog

Robin and Chopper

Danger for me came in the form of addiction. I never learned to express my feelings when I was younger – it seemed that no one was listening. Instead they always seem to be telling me what I was doing wrong. So instead of expressing my feelings, I pushed them far down and numbed out with drugs. Drugs led to addiction and addiction led to many self-destructive behaviors, including almost dying from a near overdose.

I started 12 step recovery on February 6, 1991. But I was very  broken and had a lot of stuff to work through.  Now that the drugs were gone, anger seemed to be my constant companion.

As I sunk deeper and deeper, I started to tear up things – magazines, my wedding dress – and put them back together on canvas. When I got really angry, I would squeeze out big globs of red and black paint; pick up a big brush and attack the canvas with my fury and rage. I was creating, getting “IT” out, and feeling better.

I started to collect things: from the beach, antique stores, rusty objects on the street and adding them to my pieces. I was broken and wanted to be whole again – I didn’t want to be the trauma anymore. Slowly, I put myself back together by putting seemingly unrelated things together in my artwork.

I call this  spontaneous collage© and look forward to teaching you this process to help you to heal, and strengthen and support your recovery.

***Robin, the Founder and Director of Recovery Art Studio™, offers art for healing workshops and speaks publicly about how she overcame domestic violence/sexual assault and addiction.  She can be reached at robins.art@verizon.net or (410) 610-6753 or PM her on FB.

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One thought on “About Robin”

  1. Robin –
    I had no idea that you were writing until I received the recent event announcement. I am so delighted for you that you have decided to publish a book. Life is so interesting in that what we once set out to do often steps out of the box and comes back to us in a different unintentional manner. I have come to believe that pain is often the best teacher and healer – but one must be reconciled to change. You are now doing just what you envisioned!

    I am in the process of beginning to write the book on the John Wesley Quilt which I found. It has been a journey and a half, but the research has been fascinating. I believe that I will appeal to just a couple of publishers to see what they have to say because I spent many years trying to find out what those ladies of 1850 Baltimore were trying to say – it is about their faith and their devotion to a man who created the Methodist Church – not about 25 patterns. So, if they are not interested – I shall publish myself. We shall see.

    Well, good going – and whether you sell out and reprint again and again, you are doing God’s work. Even if your book affects only one person, it is a tremendous success.

    Blessings, and Happy Holidays
    Judy Shapiro

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