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Welcome to My First Blog

This is my first blog post. It is simple, yet necessary as I learn about the world of blogging and social media. I am blogging because I was told that as a self published author that I need to self promote my book, and that blogging is a good vehicle. So, welcome to Robin Gilliam’s Art – Where Creativity Meets Healing.

I would like to briefly introduce my first novel – Gift of Desperation. I wrote this book to explore art and healing and how someone can find their way out of the raw depths of addiction – alcohol and sex. It is raw, gritty, funny, powerful, and at times pretty intense.

Meet Claire Sebastian – my main character. She is a curator at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) an actual museum for women artists in D.C.  She is young, spunky, cute and headed for disaster.

Meet Evi, a wounded warrior, who is recovering from an amputated leg and helps Claire to climb out of her hell and into hope.

Meet the art collection. It is eclectic, abstract, and funky, and Claire hates it. But when forced to curate it into a show entitled Art and Healing, she discovers the light of hope.

For more information, write a comment or send me a personal message – I am still working on bringing up my email and contact page. Thanks for your patience, Robin