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Welcome Book Clubs!

Here are some discussion questions about my novel,
Gift of Desperation:

  1. What is your most emotional takeaway from this novel?
  2.  Could you relate to Claire’s plight and emphasize with her. Why or why not?
  3. What was Claire’s gift of desperation – at what point did Claire realize that her life was totally unmanageable?
  4.  Did this novel make you ponder any relevant or necessary changes in your own life?
  5. How desperate would you have to feel to make a positive change and receive the gift of desperation?
  6.  Do you have a better or new understanding of the power of art and healing?
  7.  Do you see yourself exploring creative expression such as writing, quilting, artwork, song writing, dance, singing, etc. to work through your own personal issues?

To join Claire in her journey from desperation to hope:
Buy Gift of Desperation by Robin M Gilliam in softback or Ebook from:

Thanks! Robin

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