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 UNITE to Face Addiction 10.5.15
Addiction is a disease and not a crime, join us in DC to change public perception October 4th, 2015.

The Arts & Healing Network was created in 1997 as an online resource for anyone interested in the transformational power of art. “Here we offer a wealth of information about using art to heal oneself, another person, a community, and/or the planet. We hope that a visit to our site will inspire you to engage the healing power of the creative process.”

Robin M. Gilliam’s Blog  was added to this wonderful list of art and healing blogs at:

Foundation for Art & Healing explores the relationship between health and creative expression through rigorous scientific research; empowers individuals, communities, and vulnerable populations coping with challenging conditions like trauma and chronic illness, through direct, impactful, and innovative programs and tools; and engages, informs, and inspires these populations and the ever-growing arts and healing community, building awareness through thought leadership, shared stories of “art and healing,” and original creative works.

John J. Higgins, Attorney, Author, and Radio Talk Show Host           To listen to his radio shows –
For book information visit –

Annapolis Quilt Guild

Santa Molina-Marshall, LICSW, SEP
Clinical Holistic Psychology for Individual and Couples
Sunderland Building
1320 19th Street NW – Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

Loris Nebbia – Author of Solomon’s Puzzle, Quilt Patterns and more…

terri · bone sigh arts
‘it wasn’t that she found the magic –
it was that she became the magic.’

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