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Color Away Your Stress

Coloring has become all the meditative rage. Books and special pencils are popping up in Barnes and Noble, coloring groups are gathering in FB, and coloring sheets are being pinned in Pinterest. I have always loved to color. Taking a picture only outlined in black and bringing it to life with colored pencils or crayons helps to focus me on the bright shiny colors and not on any challenges in my life.

Since I am working on creative expression tools for your recovery toolbox, I got the idea to turn my artwork into coloring sheets. My artwork is inspired by nature, found objects, symbols, is usually abstract and sometimes funky. It is always sincere as I created it  to help me work through my anxiety and fears, or to help me stand up and claim my personal strength.

For my first coloring sheet I chose Out of the Ashes, on my Gallery page which is  a very large mixed media piece that inspired the cover of my recovery novel, Gift of Desperation. It has a lot of symbolism about rising out of the depths of addiction and into hope; it is a great coloring page for UNITE to face addiction, where we will stand together on Oct 4, 2015, to break the silence and release the shame in letting the world know that addiction is a disease.

Now, All I had to do was draw it nice and clear for you. HA – that sounds easy, but drawing has never been one of my artistic strengths. I sketch better with lots of flowing lines to capture an idea, but clear strong definitive lines – not my style.

So, what to do? Well, I could let fear take over and forget about my idea, but I know that it’s not about me, it’s about helping others to use creative expression to heal and recover. So, I faced my fear and anxiety and added some prayer to ask the universe to provide me with the skill and resources to create this drawing. I got a message that the coloring sheet was based on Out of the Ashes and did not need to match it exactly which gave me permission to have some fun with it. I then imagined myself drawing it clear and strong, practiced for over a month, and here it is.



I will be handing them out at my book signing of Gift of Desperation at UNITE to Face Addiction on Oct 4th, 2015, www.facingaddiction.org  After UNITE, I will post a PDF that you can download (once I figure out how to do that) onto my new Color Away Your Stress Page.

Once you have colored it in, post it to my FB page to share with others, including any thoughts or feelings you had while coloring. On the first day of every month from November – December 2015, I will pick someone to  send a signed copy of my recovery novel, Gift of Desperation to.

Robin Gilliam is an artist and the author of the recovery novel, Gift of Desperation.  She has over two decades of using art and the 12 steps to recover from addiction and heal from sexual assault. She is an inspirational speaker and art for healing workshop facilitator. If you would like to contact Robin, please send her an email to robins.art@verizon.net or PM her on FB.

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