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Last week I was blessed to watch my dad, Jay Fred Cohen, 81, perform three numbers in the Memorable Musical Moments, put on by the Fabulous 50+ Players (listed below*), sponsored by the Howard County Arts Council at the Bain Center, in Columbia, MD.

As an artist, I enjoy music and its power of creative expression. I love how music lifts me up when I feel down, gets me up to sing and dance when I feel joy, and calms me down when I feel anxious.


I also listen to music when I create artwork/quilts and write. Writing my novel, Gift of Desperation, was difficult at times, because I had to dig deep into dark places to help the reader understand what desperation looks like.

I listened to Nora Jones’ album Come Away with Me, for its calming qualities and Stevie Nicks’ album, Trouble in Shangri-La, for her haunting lyricsTheir creativity inspired my creativity. I also included theme songs, like I can’t Get No Satisfaction, by the Rolling Stones, to help my readers understand my main character, Claire Sebastian. And Rihanna’s song, SOS, helped me to develop a scene where Claire needed to be rescued.

I appreciate the breadth and depth it takes for writers to create songs and the performers who bring the songs to life to entertain and inspire us. What a blessing that our counties and states sponsor art councils to support our creativity.

*Howard County Fabulous 50+ Players: Phyllis Stanley-Music Director & Keyboardist, Tom Kowalski & Paula Rehr-Sound Technicians, Ed Kaplan- Emcee, Ann Sophocleus, Audrey Sanders, Chuck Knauf, Doug Williams, Dr. Tom Berry, Jackie Dunphy, Jay Fred Cohen, Patrycia Pickett, and Shirley Bishop