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What Gifts Do You Have That Can Help Others?

Writing is a very powerful creative tool for healing. I use it to process life and share inspiration. To help me, I have a couple of  friends I go to for their expertise in writing, ideas for my art for healing and recovery business, and ability to help me stay calm and not get overwhelmed. The other day I wondered  if I was helping them in return and got worried that I was just taking without giving.

Being that I grew up in a bartering environment, where I do for you and then you will do for me. It was very natural for me to feel like I needed to give back to those specific friends.

Then I had an ahaa moment! I was helping other people, different people with my gifts. When people find out that I have written and published my recovery/art for healing novel, Gift of Desperation, they often tell me that they want to write something too! But their next sentence is, “But I can’t seem to do it ’cause there is so much to write.” I was blessed with the gift of writing and organization. So I pass on the techniques that I have learned to help others untangle their creative thoughts so that they can start to write.

I realized that I was paying it forward instead of bartering.  A new skill I am learning, like a new pair of shoes that I need to break in before they feel comfortable.

What gifts do you have that can help others?

Heart present-di-legno-vecchio
Robin Gilliam is an artist and author in long-term recovery. She has over two decades of using art and the 12 steps to recover from addiction and heal from sexual assault. For a powerful story of inspiration and hope read her recovery/Art for Healing novel, Gift of Desperation. She is an inspirational speaker and art for healing workshop facilitator. To book Robin for a presentation or workshop, please send an email to robins.art@verizon.net or PM her on FB.

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