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Welcome back from the Sturgis 75th Motorcycle Rally

Welcome back to my blog. I have returned from my 2 1/2 Week vacation to the Sturgis South Dakota 75th Motorcycle Rally with my husband, Dirk, and two dogs, Chopper and Duffy.

Sturgis 2015_2

I am in the bottom right hand corner.

Aside from our bike breaking down at the beginning of the trip and our campground losing electricity for about an hour, which shut down the AC for the dogs (they were fine after we raced back from Custer State Park), we had no other major drama.

There were tons of beautiful bikes, wonderful mountain scenery which was unusually green this year due to extraordinary rain, and hot days /cool clear nights. We were also lucky that any nighttime storms passed us by without incident.

I was hoping to post my pictures here, but I am dealing with an old computer that can’t manage the space or processing necessary for such a post. So please stop by my Facebook page to enjoy pictures from our trip. I am saving up for a Mac which I hope to get by the end of the year and then retire my current laptop.

I hope you will visit my blog again next week when I will be talking about the Iron Girl my sister is in to raise money to fight cancer and how it inspired me.


Robin Gilliam is the author of the novel, Gift of Desperation, a story of hope and inspiration woven around her 24+ years of artwork that helped her to heal from PTSD and addiction.